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Trung Nguyen

Head of AI, APAC
Trung Nguyen

Trung is the Head of AI for the APAC region at Afiniti. Prior to joining Afiniti, Trung was a Principal Data Scientist at Suncorp, where he led multiple AI projects for business processes improvement and automation. His applied machine learning experiences span across various domains including marketing, customer experience, contact centers, business processes and operations, customer profiling, and risks and compliance.

Trung holds a PhD in Machine Learning from the Australian National University. His research focused on Bayesian modelling, variational inference, and recommendation systems, and was published at the top ML conferences (NIPS, ICML, SIGIR, UAI, and AISTATS). Trung also holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

In his free time, Trung likes to explore Sydney's beautiful nature with his family and two sons, Ben and Charlie.