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Emily Sandhaus

Assistant General Counsel, Intellectual Property
Emily Sandhaus

Emily Sandhaus serves as Assistant General Counsel, Intellectual Property at Afiniti. Her responsibilities include preparing patent applications for employee inventions, collaborating with internal and external counsel to protect various aspects of Afiniti’s intellectual property, and maintaining deep familiarity with Afiniti’s technology, services, products, and business.

On any given day, Emily can be found coordinating with intellectual property attorneys in Europe, conferencing with Afiniti inventors in Pakistan, and advocating for pending patent applications before the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Previously, Emily worked at multiple law firms in the D.C. area, where she managed the worldwide portfolios of many different clients. Her work covered a broad range of technologies across the computer, software, electrical, and electro-mechanical arts.

Emily holds a BS in International Relations & Politics, with a minor in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University. Her interest in data analytics began as an undergraduate research assistant at the Carnegie Mellon Department of Statistics, where she coded R and Python scripts to improve automated processing of Arabic texts and transliterated Arabic texts.

When she’s not working, Emily also loves hiking, rock climbing, and fostering cats.