Millbank Tower

Team London

Afiniti’s London office is the largest in Europe, and was the first office to be established outside of the US. The office opened in 2014 with a team of five, run by the Dalmatian enthusiast, Max. 


It has now expanded to a strong and experienced group of 25 people with a combined skill base of sales, AI and business analytics, GDE, Marketing, client service, BA and Finance.  

It also has to put up with accommodating Harry, our Creative Director, who insists on wearing his extensive collection of strange hats inside.

Afiniti on Millbank

The Millbank Office is the Headquarters of Afiniti's European Operations.

It is located in the Millbank tower on the banks of the river Thames, with breathtaking, uninterrupted, 180 degree views of the Capital. 

Constructed in 1963, the tower was originally known as Vickers Towers and is a real landmark on the London skyline.    

It is also perched right between MI5 and MI6, who funnily enough don’t nip up to floor 27 for tea much, they prefer a stiffer drink.

Millbank Tower is home to many other high profile organizations; the UN, the Labour and Conservative parties, Government NGO's and of course the Afiniti Team.