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G6 Hospitality


G6 Hospitality owns, operates, and franchises more than 1,400 hotels under the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands in the United States and Canada.

The hospitality industry is evolving rapidly, and providing exceptional customer service is an increasingly important factor in customers’ decisions about where to stay. As such, G6 Hospitality was interested in using AI technology to improve the guest experience, not only to facilitate conversations and assist with customer service, but also to foster human connections. As part of its ongoing commitment to meet and exceed guest expectations, G6 Hospitality engaged Afiniti to use behavioral pairing technology in its reservation call centers.

By analyzing call histories, CRM data, and multiple caller characteristics, the Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing™ (EBP) algorithm predicts patterns of interpersonal behavior and matches guests with G6 Hospitality team members best equipped to serve them.

12 Week Deployment

250 Agents Live

1 Site


Afiniti’s Assignment

G6 sought to enhance guests’ experiences while also boosting satisfaction, team member productivity, and company revenue.

Afiniti began its testing and implementation phase in summer 2018. By November 2018, Afiniti was live and deployed across 250 representatives focused on guest experience and reservations.

Within months, G6 was already seeing a 4% revenue increase from its call center performance, as made evident by running Afiniti’s algorithm on and off in short time cycles. Notably, existing contact center operations were not disrupted by deployment, and guests do not experience any delays in connecting with representatives, as the pairing is made in under 200 milliseconds.

“Artificial intelligence is something that is utilized… in a way that is seamless to our guests, seamless to our agents, and it just works in the background, and we’re able to run it in a way that we can do real-time system testing to see the direct benefits,” said Jessie Burgess, CIO of G6.

G6 did not bear any upfront investment costs and assumed no commercial risk, as it chose to compensate Afiniti solely on the gain it delivered in a pay-for-performance pricing model.

Ongoing Relationship

Today, G6 is using Afiniti EBP to optimize over 2.5 million calls annually. G6 plans to utilize Afiniti’s technology perpetually for all new agents and contact center expansions.

In early 2019, Afiniti and G6 formally announced their partnership, which quickly sparked the interest of tech and hospitality reporters. The Wall Street Journal conducted a deep dive into the partnership and explored the types of data that Afiniti used to measurably boost G6’s revenue so quickly.

“Afiniti’s solution is intuitive, seamless and measurable – key components of our broader technology strategy. It’s one of many ways we’re creating consistently positive experiences for our guests and driving ROI for the business,” remarked Burgess.

We look forward to continuing to enable our hospitality client to provide exceptional customer service to those who matter most – the guests who choose to stay at their properties.

G6 Hospitality