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Enel is the largest Energy & Utilities company in Italy and the second largest power company in the world. With over 74 million clients, Enel is known for its innovation in smart technology in cities around the globe.

Enel highlighted customer loyalty and proactive sales as essential parts of its corporate strategy. This brought contact centers to the fore as key drivers of these metrics.

Enel set out to redesign the contact center model by embracing new products, enhancing agent training, and upgrading to cutting edge control room systems. Most recently the company adopted a cloud-first approach, migrating its global infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Furthering its commitment to innovation, Enel engaged Afiniti to intelligently route calls using AI and machine learning. Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing predicts subtle patterns of interpersonal behavior, optimizing the pairing between customers and call center agents.

Unlike traditional SaaS models, Afiniti delivers precisely measurable results and shares value of the incremental impact on performance. As a result, Enel had no up-front investment or commercial risk in piloting the solution.

Afiniti's Assignment

To kick off the partnership, Enel and Afiniti focused on optimizing sales within Enel’s inbound free market contact center. This estate handles 15,000 telesales and 40,000 customer care calls per day. In January 2020, Afiniti went live in both queues.

Enel’s clean data structure and enthusiasm for collaboration quickly led to results that exceeded expectations. Just three months after Afiniti Behavioral Pairing was implemented, nearly 2 million interactions had been optimized. This generated a six percent increase in service to sales and a three percent gain in telesales.

“Afiniti fits very well with our plan, and has become an integral part of commercial strategy within the call center,” said Enel.

3600 Agents Live

20 Million Calls Optimized Annually

15 BPOs Involved in Italy

Afiniti's Assignment

Enel, Afiniti, and Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) plays a foundational role in the Enel success story. Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing is deployed in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the same AWS region as Enel’s telephony platform. This design allows Afiniti to make run-time routing decisions with the same speed and performance as a traditional on-site deployment. In addition, AWS’s scalable cloud architecture enables Afiniti to meet any future Enel expansions.

The deployment of Enel’s contact center platform with AWS marked a milestone – the first implementation of the Afiniti solution in the cloud. The process was successful, smooth, and secure, and will serve as a blueprint for future Afiniti cloud deployments.

Ongoing Relationship

As the companies work together to facilitate millions of positive customer interactions, provide improved customer and agent experience, and increase conversion rates, Enel and Afiniti look forward to strengthening their partnership.