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The AA is a roadside assistance and insurance provider in the UK and Ireland, serving 13 million customers and providing 2 million insurance policies.

The AA is at the forefront of technology and innovation within the industry and is undergoing a digital transformation, including developing its own breakdown app.

The AA recognized that Afiniti could assist them in further improving customer experience and growing their customer base, hence helping the business in securing its position as the leading breakdown and insurance business in the UK and Ireland.

The AA became one of Afiniti’s first clients in EMEA in 2014.

Avaya PBX Integration

10-week Deployment

650 Agents Live

2 Sites


Afiniti's assignment

The AA approached Afiniti to optimize their inbound retention queues.

In 2014, Afiniti first deployed in AA’s insurance retention queue across 200 agents. The initial deployment cycle spanned 10 weeks across 2 sites. This resulted in an immediate increase in their retention rate.

Due to success within AA’s insurance retention queue, the business saw the value in optimizing key performance metrics across other business areas, including in the roadside assistance business in 2015, equating to a total of 650 live agents.

Afiniti and the AA are identifying additional areas where Afiniti could deliver value.

Ongoing relationship

Afiniti maintains a close relationship with the AA.

On an operational level, a key component of the success of the partnership are the weekly operations and monthly business review sessions program, in which senior executives from the AA’s finance, marketing, operations, sales and technology teams spend dedicated time further understanding the fundamentals of Afiniti’s design and benefits and sharing insights into their strategic priorities and operational processes.

This helps Afiniti’s Artificial Intelligence engineers to ensure their modeling strategy yields optimal performance, which in turn helps a strategic partner like the AA to further secure their position as an industry and market leader.

Ongoing relationship