Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh

Former Federal Minister of Finance, Pakistan
Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh

Previously, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh served as the Federal Minister of Finance, Pakistan, from 2010 to 2013 and 2019 to 2021. He has also served as the Minister of Economic Affairs, Revenue, Planning and Development, Statistics, Privatization, and Investment in the course of his career. During Dr. Shaikh's time as minister, Pakistan successfully completed its lucrative privatization program from 2003 to 2006, which included industries such as telecommunications, electricity, banking, oil refining, manufacturing, and others, for over $5 billion.

Dr. Shaikh was also the Minister for Finance and Development in the Sindh Province of Pakistan from 2000 to 2003, where he reformed the finances of the province and led it to become one of the first sub-national governments to develop a program with the World Bank.

Dr. Shaikh is an economist and politician with experience in international policy development and economic management. He has worked in and advised countries in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. He has also written for multiple publications and authored a novel about Argentina. Dr. Shaikh has previously worked at Harvard University, at the World Bank, and in private equity, as well as been elected three times to Pakistan’s Senate.

He holds a PhD in Economics from Boston University.